Cloud-based and highly available

Global Telesourcing leverages a cloud-based telephony infrastructure. Our Tier I data center hosting environment includes secure, bicoastal, mirrored data centers with automatic failover for maximum resilience. Multiple redundant, enterprise-class internet connections ensure communications availability.

Rigorously secure and compliant

Processes and technologies protect proprietary information in the call center and @home

  • Data security and access best practices
  • Paperless, device-free operations
  • Company-issued, continually monitored workstations
  • Close management oversight, on site and by video

Global Telesourcing is fully compliant with

  • All federal and state telecommunications regulations
  • Do Not Call lists
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • 2015 TCPA clarification on wireless dialing
global telesourcing

Third-party certified

Our security and compliance measures have been reviewed and approved by numerous Fortune 100 clients, and we undergo regular audits to maintain our third-party certifications.

SOC 2 badge


Verifies system and organization controls, including data security, system availability, processing integrity and confidentiality and privacy protections

pci certified badge


The payment card industry’s highest level certification for secure transaction management and protection against data theft and fraud

SRO accredited badge


The most demanding certification in the teleservices industry, awarded and renewed annually by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement after detailed audits