We deliver great customer experiences, over the phone and online

Global Telesourcing prides ourselves on delivering better quality and results at a more affordable cost than domestic providers—for a higher-level customer experience and maximum ROI.

Omnichannel customer contacts…

  • Inbound, outbound and blended voice solutions
  • Chat on demand
  • Text, email and social DM engagement
  • Voicemail callbacks

…for clients’ highest-impact customer contact programs

  • Consultative sales
  • Customer service
  • Reservation lines
  • Help desk / tech support
  • V.I.P. and loyalty programs
  • Appointment scheduling & reminders
  • Billing support

A choice of work environments

A dedicated group of agents working on site from our production floor in Monterrey, Mexico

A digitally connected work@home team with the same high-level security and oversight

Or both!

global telesourcing

Steeped in a sales mindset

Global Telesourcing got our start in sales—complex, high-value, often recurring revenue sales, and usually our clients’ toughest programs.

Why does this matter?

We developed a metrics obsession, and we always steer by results.

The first step in any customer contact design with Global Telesourcing is defining success. We quantify the optimal Cx and then create the structures to train, motivate and empower our team to deliver.

Positive Cx transforms service functions into revenue centers
A customer inquiry results in a better-fitting upsell—and a positive online review
A reservation call ends in a loyalty program enrollment—and years of return business
A software support call leads to a service subscription—and a recurring revenue stream

See the Cx difference Global Telesourcing has delivered for our clients