A Great Customer
Experience Starts Here

Global Telesourcing’s founding partners coalesced around one idea—launching a new kind of customer experience company.

We wanted to draw on our shared background in telephone sales and customer care—not to create another one-size-fits-all business processing outsourcing company, and certainly not to build the typical offshore call center.

We aimed for premium quality and Cx appropriate to the Fortune 100 companies and other elite brands we planned to serve. But, we wondered, where could we find that kind of talent?

Opening in Mexico

We explored numerous Latin American locations and tested various partnerships. Then in 2008 we finally found our home, in Mexico.

We discovered a pool of fluently English/Spanish bilingual, effortlessly bicultural talent just over the U.S. border in Monterrey, where customer service is a profession.

We knew it instantly—this was the place. And most importantly, these were the people we wanted to work with—motivated, enthusiastic, professional and up for the challenge.

Little did we realize, Monterrey was only the beginning.

Building a Business

Over more than a decade, we built our Monterrey campus to three buildings and more than 1,100 agent workstations.

We built a name for ourselves based on a simple value proposition: premium quality Cx with a nearshore cost advantage.

That helped us build a U.S. client base spanning the telecommunications, energy, hospitality, construction supply and healthcare sectors.

And the whole time, we were building a culture and an environment that embodies our ideals. It’s based on opportunity for advancement, open-door management (actually, we did away with the doors) and a work hard, play hard, support-each-other mentality GTers call “making it happen.”

Our Values

  • Work hard
  • Be fair
  • Share success
  • Take care of others
  • Invest in excellence
  • Beat the competition
  • Grow by making clients want more

Work From Hub – A New Model

Then COVID-19 struck and we had to protect our team. Within days, Global Telesourcing implemented technology and transitioned our PCI-level security measures to transition 70% of employees to remote work. And we never missed a call.

As the pandemic endured, Global Telesourcing refined a new model we call Work From Hub. WFHub combines the best of remote and on-site:

  • A bricks-and-mortar facility serves as the hub for operations, where we conduct onboarding and training, meet with clients, deliver medical care and more.
  • On-site employment is one option for agents after training or, when the client programs allows, agents can transition to work from home once they prove their skills.
  • Every member of the team still comes together regularly at the central Cx center for work, fun and events.
call center

A New Location

WFHub is now enabling Global Telesourcing to enter smaller markets with similar advantages as Monterrey. We’re growing our talent pool, increasing our geographic diversity, and offering operational redundancy to enhance clients’ business continuity.

In 2021, Global Telesourcing opened our second facility in León, Mexico. And our team is currently exploring other expansion opportunities, so stay tuned!

A site visit using our virtual technology is the best way to feel the Global Telesourcing difference.