Our Quality

Global Telesourcing’s clients demand the highest quality teleservices.

Their brand reputations depend on it.

We deliver with top talent, an efficient management model, direct communication between 
clients and operations personnel, and a merger between QA and training that helps
agents reach their full potential.

Our management philosophy is to:

  • Eliminate layers of middle management that separate agents from program leaders
  • Embed managers on the floor where they can impact programs
  • Create a collegial environment proven to increase motivation, productivity, and retention rates
  • Garner input from agents on work environment and program implementation
  • Provide clients with direct access to operations staff to facilitate collaboration
  • Beat domestic providers by delivering greater results at less cost—
    not by pushing wages down but by bringing performance up

QA and Coaching are Intertwined

Global Telesourcing built our QA program to exceed industry standards. All calls are digitally recorded and live monitoring is constant. We closely track each agent’s QA scores and even deny incentive compensation if they drop below 90%.

But these efforts are just the beginning. We also use information gleaned through QA activity in a personalized employee development program.

Employee Development

  • Reviews
    At least weekly, agents meet with managers and QA representatives to review their calls and quality scores. These one-on-one discussions provide agents with tough but fair feedback.
  • Goal Setting
    Team leaders help agents set new goals for themselves every week. Addressing ever finer points, this process amounts to a long-term, individualized training course.
  • Interventions
    Should an agent falter, program leaders immediately intervene. Targeted retraining helps bring performance back to the high level we expect.
  • Leadership
    Managers and team leaders are always on the floor, where they can see when an agent could use a high five, a pep talk, or a moment’s reprieve. This ensures agents receive the ongoing support they need.

Collaborative Approach to Client Service

Global Telesourcing believes in putting clients in direct contact with the operations personnel on their programs. We operate under full transparency, and clients enjoy a level access rare among other providers. For example:

  • We offer remote call monitoring on demand. But we also encourage site visits, so clients can get to know the people who represent the brand, participate in trainings, and see how we really function day to day.  
  • We provide detailed reports, defined by a client’s own measures of success. But we also supply direct-dial and cell numbers for every member of the team to facilitate immediate updates anytime.  
  • We schedule regular conference calls and recalibration sessions. But we also make proactive contact when a client’s input can improve the program or when happenings on the floor deserve their attention.

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